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Off-Grid 1000W Solar power System


◆ Built-in pure sine wave inverter+controller+battery 

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◆ Built-in pure sine wave inverter, controller and battery 

◆ With UPS function and AC charger function.

◆ Specifically designed for long time backup, the charging current can be high up to15A-25A, can charge the large capacity battery in short time.

◆ Superior performance from CPU control technology. 

◆ Module design: SMT Main PCB & Control PCB, easy for maintenance.

◆ Mains frequency design & isolated transformer inside, strong ability of resistance, so thatcan meet the need of different power supply. It can change frequency immediately and itis able to drive all kinds of Loads, especially for the electric appliances with compressorlike fridge, air-conditioner, etc.

◆ Wide input voltage range

◆ Full protection: Overload/High temperature/High Voltage/Low Voltage/Battery Low Voltage

◆ Can choose working mode by yourself. Priority to AC grid or solar power


BGE-SICB1000 Off gird Solar power home system
(Built-in pure sine wave inverter, controller and battery)
Model:  BGE-SICB1000
Type:  PWM Controller/MPPT Controller Optional
Rated DC Voltage 12V/24V
Rated Current (A) 20A/30A
Solar panel:
Maximum PowerWP 240W/360W/480
Operating Voltage(V) 17.2V/36.5V
Rated Capacity 1000W
Input(VAC) 110VAC /120VAC /220VAC /230VAC/240VAC
Output: AVR voltage rangeVAC 110VAC /120VAC /220VAC /230VAC/240VAC±10%
Transfer time 5ms
Frequency(Hz) 50/60 HZ
Voltage(VAC) 110VAC /120VAC /220VAC /230VAC/240VAC±2%
Over Load Protection 1. Battery mode: IPS automatically shut down if overload exceeds 120% of
normal value for 20 seconds.
2. City power mode: overload is not shut down, the buzzer alarm will sound.
Lead-acid Battery: 12V/200AHx2PCS
Other information
Type of solar charge controller:  PWM /MPPT (Optional) 
Loads: Lights, mobile, TV set, fans, freezer, computers,
small hand-drill and so on
Ports of USB output: 2pcs  (5V)
Ports of AC Output 4pcs
Ports of 12V LED Light Output 2pcs
Unit Size: 600*650*1100mm
Packing Size: 630*680*1300mm



Family houses, schools, hospitals, offices, etc.

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